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Nyleed Cleaning & Support Services Ltd

We deliver our given tasks with highly trained and experienced staffs. We are not satisfied until our clients are.


Customer Care Service Unit

Our customer care unit is the best. Our representatives are friendly and are ever ready to assist you anyday, anytime.


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No business exists without customers. That's why we treat you well... we exist because you exist as well.


What service do we provide?

We provide high quality and reliable cleaning service for companies, houses, hospitality industries, government offices and host of others. From restrooms to boardrooms, our office cleaning services keep your property and image spotless.


Welcome to Nyleed Cleaning & Support Services Limited

Our Visions

- To be recognized by our clients, employees and the industry as the leading provider of contract cleaning services and products to homes and offices in Nigeria. We strive to build life long relationships with our clients resulting in a better quality of life. We will be an employer of choice, fostering a culture that values dedication, respect and continuous improvement.
- To be a household name in the real estate and property business.

Our Missions

- In order to realize our vision, our mission must be to exceed the expectations of our clients and employees. We will accomplish this by committing to our core values and by achieving the highest levels of customers' satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value. We will achieve all of our goals and visions by believing and executing the core values that guide us.
- Our sole purpose can be summed up by simply stating, ...more

Our Core Values

Nyleed Clean continually focuses on creating the absolute best place to work in the industry. It's company culture is characterized by a workforce that holds the highest standards of ethics, integrity, focused client care and commitment to our values, which include;
Commitment              Integrity
Quality                        Innovation
Teamwork                  Transparency

Office Cleaning Services

The provision of your daily, routine Office Cleaning, ensuring your premises, Reception, Offices, Stairwells, Corridors, Workshops, Kitchens & Canteens and Washroom facilities are maintained at a high standard of cleanliness, hygiene and presentation for your staff, visitors and customers, with works being undertaken at times that best suit your own operations, whether in the mornings, evenings or throughout the day.

The provision of Daily Office Cleaning is one of our core services, and Nyleed is an established and trusted provider in this field. At Nyleed Cleaning and Support Services Limited, we manage the services for and on behalf of our clients and our management teams are adept at reviewing work programmes and schedules to maximise efficiencies, exceed the specification and provide real value for money.

We're here to help

Please do get in touch with us – We look forward to discussing your Office Cleaning Needs in detail and to offering you our Professional, Reliable and Cost Effective Solution. Don't forget also, Nyleed Estate & Property Management service is there for you. To get in touch with us... Click Here


Why Should You Hire Us At Nyleed?

There are numerous Cleaning Services Companies in Nigeria, but there are qualities that differentiate them. The following are some qualities that make us to stand out.


It is crucial to hire a cleaning service company that is professional with highly trained employees. When you hire a top-notch cleaning company like ours, we shall be on time and ready for any type of cleaning job.


When it comes to hiring a cleaning company, they must have experience in cleaning your type of building. That's one of the reasons it's so important to hire a cleaning company.

Save Money

Hiring the wrong cleaning company can cost you money in the long run. If a cleaning crew doesn't know how to properly clean marble, glazing, WC, Furniture and Fittings, wood or other types of flooring, you may end up having to replace them for your satisfaction.


When you hire a cleaning company that you can count on, it takes a lot of pressure off of the owner of the building. You know the cleaning crew will show up on time and get the job rightly done. This makes everyone's life easier.


Cleaning service companies make sure that their staffs are properly trained. Many buildings and facilities require different types of cleaning materials and various levels of sanitations.


It is important to hire a cleaning service company that will respond to emergencies. Issues happen and in some cases, the cleaning job can't wait. We have a great response time and we are available for emergency cleaning jobs.